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  • 4.24.14Strength:  Cleans WOD: 500m Row Test
  • 4.24.14Performance: 1RM Back Squat Max Effort 2000m Row Fitness: 1RM [...]
  • 4.23.14Strength:  Push Press WOD: 1000m Row 80 Air Squats 60 [...]
  • 4.23.14SWOD: Front squats 3×5 WOD: 6 minutes of: 2 min [...]


  • KimI might, Kevin needs to look at my car and not sur
  • adminAwesome Kim. This should be a great class as Lynd
  • KimI've been fermenting and love it. So far I've d
  • adminPeter, thanks for the kind words.