Prices are outlined below:

Foundations Program

These are private one-on-one session designed to teach you all the fundamental movements you will be using in CrossFit.  These sessions are designed to prepare you for group classes and are key to your long term success.  All session are 1-hour and include warm-up, skill training, workout and nutrition talk.  Food log is encouraged.

3 Private Foundation$65

  • 3 Sessions ($195) - Required for individuals with prior CrossFit experience. Individuals have the ability to test out.

6 Private Foundation$65

  • 6 Sessions ($390) - Required for individuals new to CrossFit

12 Private Foundation$65

  • 12 Sessions ($780) - Required for individuals who would benefit from additional 1-on-1 coaching.
**Beginner’s program is determined by CFDR coaches based on your current skill/fitness level and overall performance during your intro workout.

NEW STUDENT SPECIAL: Save $120 when purchased with 3 months of group classes.


We are unlike the regular gym, where you do your own thing. In our high performance gym, you will be coached each and every time you walk through the door. We are not caddy’s, clipboard holders, or rep counters. We are more than time keepers, score recorders, and motivators. We are responsible for ensuring that your workout is not easy nor impossible; that your form and range of motion is correct; that your speed/intensity is sufficient; that the exercise and load is adjusted to your fitness level; and we ensure safety and performance gains.

On top of all that, we will teach you things that you have NEVER thought possible at your current state. We will teach you basic gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting. You’ll learn how to move your body faster; how to generate more power; and how to build strength. We’ll also teach you about performance nutrition, no gimmicks or unnecessary supplements, but real food nutrition.

2 Days a Week$16.50

  • 9 Sessions ($149)


  • Unlimited ($219)

**3 month minimum commitment for all new students.

Private Training

1-on-1 Private Training is the best option when:

  • you’re rehabilitating from a recent injury or surgery
  • you’re significantly overweight
  • you have no exercise experience or have been very sedentary
  • you have serious health issues or physical issues/injuries
  • you want to learn specific skills or you have specific goals
  • you’re a specialized athlete looking for specialized training
  • you prefer or require privacy, personal attention and accountability


Get Started$105

  • 1 Session

Multiple Visit Plan$95

  • 6 Sessions ($570)

All sessions are one hour.

**Discount rate apply to members with group training packages.