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The first step to getting started at CFDR is to give us a call or send an email to schedule your complimentary intro session.  The intro session will serve two purposes.  It will allow you to meet us, see our gym and learn more about the CrossFit DoneRight program.  You will also get a chance to try a sample CrossFit workout.

The intro session will also allow the CFDR coaches to learn about your health and fitness background, as well as your goals.  We use the intro workout to determine your skill and fitness levels to make an appropriate recommendation as to which of our beginner’s option will work best for your long term success.

After your intro session, all new students of CFDR will begin with private one-on-one session.  These privates session are designed to teach you the fundamental skills of CrossFit, begin developing a base level of strength and conditioning and to start work on improving nutritional habits.  These private session are the foundation of your success in the CFDR program.   Upon completion of your private session, you will then be able to enter group classes.