Varsity Class:  Our Varsity Class is for athletes between the age of 11 and 18 looking to prepare for the rigors of their sport.  Our main focus is on teaching athletes proper weight room technique.  Classes include: a general warm-up, speed work, strength work, conditioning work, and cool-downs.

Monthly Fee:
5 Classes/month – $105
8 Classes/month – $135
12 Classes/month – $165
Unlimited/month – $185

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Private/Semi-Private Sessions:  Private and semi-private sessions follow a similar structure to our Varsity Class.  These sessions include more individualized attention, flexible scheduling, and sport-specific workouts.

Private Sessions:
1 Hour – $85
3 Sessions – $225 ($75/hour)
6 Sessions – $420 ($70/hour)

Semi-Private Sessions:
2-on-1 – $130 ($65/athlete)
3-on-1 – $165 ($55/athlete)

Team Training:  Our team training is designed to address the needs of the team as a whole.

Team Training Rates
Contact for team training information.