In the beginning we are going to have one class with all ages, as more students join, we will likely break the classes up into multiple age groups. Kids will be doing things such as jump rope, air squats, agility drills, hand stands and weight lifting movements with PVC pipes. Older kids will be doing those movements and using some weight as they get more experienced. Older teens can do the standard CrossFit programming or a modified version.

It is important to understand that these age ranges are just estimates. It depends on the coordination, flexibility and maturity of each individual kid to determine which level they will be working at.

Younger Kids

Ages: 4 to 6 Years
We focus on the most basic functional movements and building agility and strength.


Ages: 7 to 9 Years
Functional fitness is important at any age. We focus on basic functional movements such as the squat. We introduce kids to everything including pull-ups, handstands, and forward rolls. Most importantly we have a ton of fun!

Junior Varsity (J.V.)

Ages: 10 to 13 Years
At this age we begin to introduce weight lifting including using barbells, dumbbells and kettle bells. We focus on safely and correctly executing each movement.


Ages: 13 to 18 Years
This program is designed for young athletes to improve their strength/conditioning with the goal of improving athletic performance.

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