Snyder has been using CrossFit as his physical fitness program of choice since 2008.  He originally started at CF Old Town in Alexandria, VA in order to condition for competitive amateur Muay Thai Kick Boxing in Northern, VA.  Since starting CrossFit, it has become a way of life for Mike.  Prior to his final deployment with the Army to Iraq in 2009, Mike got his coaching certification in the Summer of 2008 and began implementing CrossFit as his physical training program with his unit.  While in Iraq, Mike built his affiliate CF Slayer from the ground up and the tremendous knowledge and experience gained through working with personnel ranging from 65 year old contractor staff to general officers and Special Forces soldiers has proved invaluable in his current coaching practice.

Although Snyder is sometimes loud and a fan of the “No-rep,” it is only because he wants to see the clients reach new levels of physical and mental accomplishment and because he cares

How had CrossFit impacted your life?

  1. First and FOREMOST- I met my wife at CrossFit
  2. It has given me opportunities to experiment with my limits and achieve great physical improvements
  3. I have found a tremendous community of dedicated people who want to work hard and constantly seek to improve themselves and each other- few things beat that! (See Number One above)

What’s your favorite and least favorite workout?

Favorite:  Two-way tie:  ”the Chief” and “Badger”

Least Favorite: “Karen”

What do you do besides CrossFit?

Running trails, chopping and stacking firewood and other physical labors, putting heavy things on my back and walking long distances while other people yell at me (goruck anyone?), interpretive dance/ ribbon

Advice for Athletes New to CrossFit

Do not worry about how you stack up against anyone else in the gym.  You are there to push your own limits and standards and reach for tremendous improvements.  There is a method to the madness and you should always enjoy the challenges.  Pushing your comfort zone is the name of the game.  Also, it is even better when you bring someone else along for the ride with you.

Certifications, Experience, Honors

  • CrossFit Certified Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Endurance
  • Founder of CrossFit Slayer, Camp Slayer, Baghdad, Iraq in 2009
  • One Heck of a Model American

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