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Mike grew up in Montgomery County, and played football, basketball, and baseball
through high school. He graduated from the Naval Academy Prep School and studied
exercise science at the University of South Carolina. He has found that CrossFit
delivered the highest return on his performance, and is passionate about sharing
this knowledge with others.

How had CrossFit impacted your life?

CrossFit has provided me with a competitive outlet now that my athletic
achievements all occur in pick up games. But more importantly, CrossFit has helped
me realize how a person can maximize all aspects of their fitness, allowing me to get
bigger, faster and stronger than I ever imagined possible. Helping others achieve
these goals through CrossFit has been a tremendously rewarding experience.

What’s your favorite and least favorite workout?

Tie between the 12 Days of Outlaw and Murph.
Least Favorite: Karen

What do you do besides CrossFit?

Outside of the gym I can be found drinking coffee, running, swimming, or trying to
dunk in pickup basketball games.

Advice for Athletes New to CrossFit

Just show up, ready to work. We have a fantastic, welcoming community at CFDR,
and if you’re ready to put in the effort, we will work with you to accomplish your

Certifications, Experience, Honors

  • CrossFit Certified Level 1 Trainer

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