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“I just want to be a bad bitch”.

This was a snippet of a conversation I overheard between a prospective member and one of my fellow coaches, Maddie, during a free introductory session we give at CrossFit DoneRight.

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

When a prospective member says something like this it means two things: 1) she is definitely going to sign-up (she did), and more importantly 2) she gets it.

She gets that stepping into a gym like ours isn’t like walking into a regular gym.  She gets that after working out with us she’ll be able to do things she wasn’t able to do before joining.  And she gets that if she trains to be a “bad bitch” in terms of what she can physically do, she’ll also look like a “bad bitch”.

Have you heard the saying “form follows function”?  This means how you train, how you eat, how you sleep, and what you do on a daily basis (function), dictates how you look (form).  The opposite doesn’t work.  Function doesn’t follow form.

And in my opinion, what’s the point of looking good if you can’t do anything?  That’s like buying a house that looks beautiful on the outside but is a POS on the inside.  Or buying a Lamborghini with an engine that runs off electricity (is that an apt analogy? I don’t know, I’m not a car guy).

And, on top of that, training for aesthetics solely almost never yields the results you want to see.  How’s that 45 minutes of cardio at 70% of your heart rate max treating you?  If it’s working, I’ve probably pissed you off (sorry not sorry).  If it’s not, I hate to say I told you so, but….

The point is, we’ve got to evolve the way we think about our fitness, our bodies, and our functionality as human beings.  We try so hard to train for aesthetics and health and fitness and flexibility and strength and balance independently in a vacuum (that’s a metaphor, not an actual vacuum), when in reality it’s impossible to do.

We are complicated, complex human beings and we need to train as such.  The funny thing is, once we start treating ourselves like this, training, eating, and moving the way we as human beings are designed to train and move, the things we care about most (looking good naked – be honest, you care), takes care of itself.