The piece below reminded me of a quote I once heard that went something like this: “there’s no such thing as a bad program, just a bad program for the goals you are trying to accomplish”.

CrossFit IS NOT the best program for you if your goal is to back squat 1,000 pound.  Yoga is NOT the best program for you if you want to run a marathon.  That doesn’t mean you can’t learn from these programs and integrate some of the best practices into what you do.  Calling something stupid or ineffective really means you just don’t understand the point.

“I used to make fun of CrossFit. I thought it was a fad and they all used shitty form; that they couldn’t get strong or build muscle doing those workouts. Well, I was wrong. Working with a lot of CrossFit athletes made me change my mind. While I personally wouldn’t train using only WODs, I did learn a lot of things from coaching CrossFit athletes”…(continue reading).


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