We are one day into the CFDR Biggest Loser Challenge.  How’re all the participants doing so far?

From past Challenges and from what I’ve noticed with my own eating habits, there’s one thing I’ve found to be the biggest hang up: seeking perfection.

Listen, if you want to be successful, get this notion out of your head that your eating has to be 100% perfect.  My estimation is that 1% of us have the will power, planning prowess, crazy OCD-ness, and a complete disregard for social pressure to be able to pull off perfection.  The rest of us will try and when things get tough we’ll say eff it, and grab for the closest thing containing gluten.

Go for big wins.  Do not worry about the minutia, you’ll just drive yourself crazy.

The idea is not to make the best choice, but to make the BETTER choice.