Happy Birthday Jared!!

So we are all a little guilty of sitting back and waiting for things to happen for us instead of getting out there and going after what we want. Hopefully this post will bring you some motivation and direction to get off your chair and to start planning, creating, mastering way to get what you want, no matter the circumstances. This could relate to anything in terms of getting that double-under down consecutively, sticking with the paleo diet, competing in a CrossFit competition, losing weight, the list goes on. It is human instinct to think of giving up when things don’t go our way, when things seem scary to us, or even when things get difficult. However, there is always a way out and multiple solutions, we just have to get there.

        First things first, time is valuable. Make immediate moves towards the things you want instead of planning and looking forward to a later date. If there is time for you to practice your double-unders, do it now, don’t tell yourself you will do it tomorrow because we all know that probably won’t happen.  Next is for you to develop a “why not me” mindset. Don’t scare yourself away from things you want, if you put in the work, there is no reason that it shouldn’t pay off. Plus, life is all about taking chances. No matter how absurd it may be or how slim your chances may be, someone has to achieve these things so why not you?

        Another key point to follow is to avoid making back-up plans. When you have options that you’re willing to settle for, your motivation will die down and it won’t have the same effect. Think of it this way, parachutes don’t really have a plan B, you just have confidence that regardless of what you may hit on the way down, it will end with you landing exactly where you wanted, on two feet.

        Let’s also eliminate the Disney picture perfect images. We can’t expect a perfect outcome but we can at least put ourselves in the vicinity of what we want and take care of all the things that are in our control. This comes with being relentless. Keep at it constantly. If you want to lose weight, you’re going to have to continually fight off unhealthy urges. If you want to increase your fitness level, you’re going to have to continually put in the time to do so. Don’t be timid and don’t give up. Hard work always pays off.

Put all these things together and you’re one big step closer to getting what you want. It’s good to have fears but its bad not to face them. It takes longer to run up a hill, but once you’ve hit  the top its smooth sailing from there. Start today and go after what you want. You won’t regret it.