The awesome thing about CrossFit is that it allows you to achieve whatever results you want for yourself.  CrossFit can be used as a training method, a recreational sport, or even an elite sport. Typically, you fall into one of the three categories mentioned. If you are maybe unsure of what you fall under or don’t have clear goals when participating in CrossFit, listen up.

Training CrossFit can refer to those people who don’t just want to be good in the gym; they also want to be good outside of the gym too. This means you may strive to be better athletes, parents, runners, etc. You use CrossFit in order to increase your general fitness, which ultimately correlates to better performance in either your specific sport or just life in general. This doesn’t mean that you are less of an athlete than those performing CrossFit in the Games or the Open. This just means you are following different goals. You use CrossFit to be the best out there on the lacrosse field or you use CrossFit so you can keep up with your kids.  You are constantly improving your endurance, strength, and power and it is making a difference for you.

Maybe you aren’t necessarily using CrossFit as a means to excel outside the gym, but instead you are using CrossFit as your own recreational sport. You are the type that enjoys the competition CrossFit offers. You may enter into some competitions and find yourself more attracted to this side of CrossFit.  People who use CrossFit as a recreational sport are the ones who may pay more attention to their weaknesses in order to accelerate their fitness. Fast tracking your fitness is a legitimate goal that a lot of people fall into. It is important to hold realistic goals if you are one to use CrossFit as a recreational sport. Realistic and specific goals will help you to define where you stand along the competition realm. Sacrifices may need to be made in order to meet those goals. If you suffer with pull-ups, you may need to put in additional work outside of the normal programming in order to see consistency and improvement. You may also have to pay closer attention to your diet and regimen, in order to enhance performance and keep you on track for competitions. However, be careful not to lose track of the fun part of CrossFit. CrossFit as a recreational sport means you take it seriously but you also haven’t invested your whole entire life into the events, so enjoy the journey as well as the competitions along the way.

Last but not least, are those of you who use CrossFit as an elite sport. You are the ones who primarily make training your living. You want to not only compete at the top level but be successful at it too. The sacrifices made in this category are heavy. Hard work and a lot of time are put in to help you advance daily in your performance. A lot of the Game athletes fall into this category. Training is their lifestyle and because of that, they are able to be the best at what they do. If you’re still a little unsure of where you fall, between recreational or elite, then let me elaborate. CrossFit at the elite level are those who can perform basically every workout as the performance level, with no modifications necessary. You have a fair shot to qualify for regionals and may even be a contender for the Games.

So, where do you fall? First things first is to make sure to have a real conversation with yourself on what your specific goals are and what you feel you can achieve in reasonable time. Once your goals are set you can start to approach your training. Regardless of what category you see yourself in, always remember to relax and have fun along the way.