I’m excited to announce my Mid-Line Strength & Stability Clinic is back!  Mark your calendar for Sunday, April 6th from 12:30pm – 2:00pm.

You can register for the clinic by clicking here.  The price for the clinic is $50 for the first 10 people to sign-up and will increase after that, so make sure you register ASAP!

Not sure if this clinic is something that will benefit you?  Here’re a few testimonials from the last round of participants:

“Time (and money) well spent! Rob did a great job explaining the importance of the role of mid-line stability in practically everything we do inside and outside of the gym. My low-back thanks CFDR for this clinic!”
-Gabe D.

“I found the clinic very helpful, even though I thought that I already knew about spinal alignment and its relationship to fitness. Hearing the information presented and then being able to position ourselves using the principles articulated was very helpful in tying the principles to reality. I definitely recommend it to others.”
-Sandra L.

“Whether you are looking to simply move better and be stronger, or you want to be a better athlete, this provides an indispensable foundation for everything you do in the gym.”
- Jay A.

Rob’s midline clinic is based on his experience training hundreds of athletes as well his personal experience as a high level competitor.  The information is presented in a way that can be applied immediately to realize improvement in your movement. ‘Improvement in your movement’ catchy.”
-Pat K.

So, what can you expect to learn during my Midline Clinic?  Here are a few things I cover:

  • Why not addressing your midline positioning and strength is keeping you from reaching your potential in the gym.
  • What stretches (ones you wouldn’t expect) you need to do to keep your back healthy and pain free.
  • The best exercises to strengthen your midline.
  • My personal favorite exercises to rehabilitate a bad back.
  • Simple tips to accelerate body fat lose (because what would a midline clinic be without some ab talk??)
  • Much more!

Can’t make it to the clinic?  Don’t worry, you can purchase my Midline Strength & Stability PDF  (free for all participants) by clicking here.

And, I’ll continue to release videos (like the one below) and articles about how to strengthen your midline, protect your low back, stretches to fix your crappy positioning, and much more!  Stay tuned to the blog and on our email list to keep in the loop.

If you missed it up above, here’s the link to register for the clinic one more time.