Spring break is right around the corner for local high schools and colleges.  This means one thing: vacations!  Based on a survey I made up, vacations rank #3 on the list of reasons people workout.  #1 being to look good naked and #2 being so you can enjoy your alcohol, late night pizza, and brunch guilt free on the weekends.

Our intern, Brian, is heading off to L.A. for his Spring Break next week, and wanted to share his strategy for avoiding a devastating fitness back slide during his vacation.

Enter, Brian…

“Vacations are some of the happiest times of the year, you get to go somewhere different and relax and have fun. They are much-needed breaks from the real world when you can get them. However, they can also kill your fitness. All that relaxing and the “vacation diet” are not a great combination for keeping fit for when you get back home. I’m going to have to deal with this myself from 3/14-3/23 when I am on spring break and going to Los Angeles. Here are some tips that I have learned from previous experiences as well as from friends and family”…(continue reading).