Next Saturday, March 1st, is when our gym will hit the first CrossFit Open workout of 2014. In addition, after the workout is completed, Coach Rob and I will be hosting a free clinic for our members.  You’re probably wondering what this clinic will be about, and the great thing is, that’s up to you! We want to host this clinic to answer questions, and provide help, specific to the needs of our members, so we’re asking what you’d like to see discussed. We need you to help us help you, so you can e-mail Rob or me at, or We’d like you to shoot us an idea for whatever topic you would like to get schooled in. Whichever topic gets the most suggestions will be the one we pick. From there, we’ll be asking for questions you have specific to that topic. In the meantime, pick any topic, it can be related weightlifting, gymnastics, nutrition, mobility, or anything else you can think up, and send it our way. We look forward to hearing from you, so let us know about any topics you’d like to suggest for the free clinic, or any questions you have.