Often times, after going through something, we may be left wanting more. This experience could be a single workout, a strength cycle (like the one we’re in right now), a paleo challenge, or something totally unrelated to the gym. When we find ourselves wanting more than we got, we need to do two things. The first is to reflect. Honestly assess your efforts. Very often we tell ourselves simply what we want to hear, not even realizing that we may be lying. Did you really do all you could to reach your goal? Did you treat it as a priority, or simply pretend that it was a priority? The only way to answer this is by being honest with yourself, and sometimes the truth may not be what you hope it is. However, without telling yourself that truth, you can’t move forward and correct any shortcomings. The second thing we need to do is let the past be the past. Once we’ve completed something, reflected (honestly), and determined how to improve the next time around, we need to leave whatever bad habits or behaviors that hurt us the first time behind. There’s nothing inherently wrong with coming up short, so long as we grow from the experience, so make sure your failures aren’t for nothing. By learning from them, we can make sure they don’t drag us down in the future.

By honestly reflecting on what went wrong in a given situation we can find what exactly kept us from our goals. Form there we’re able to identify negative behaviors that limit us, and eliminate them, replacing them with more productive alternatives, putting us on the fast track to achieving whatever we set our minds to.