Sounds like another round of snow is moving in later today.

We’re going to cancel any classes or privates for tonight.

Should be open for Friday AM but please check before driving in.

Be safe if you have to travel.


Equity has a few definitions, but one of them is, “the quality of being fair or impartial.” Life itself is not fair. Things will not always work out in your favor, maybe you end up on the short end of the stick at work, or fail to get what you think is coming your way. Obviously, this can be very frustrating and disappointing. That being said, I have good news for you: Fitness is Fair.

What you put in to it, is what you’ll get out of it. If you keep yourself accountable and eat a diet of clean food, if you get to the gym when you ought to, and you work hard while you’re there, your levels of health and fitness will inevitably improve. If you shovel junk food in you mouth, skip the gym because you “didn’t feel like working out”, or come in and waste your own time by refusing to put in the required amount of effort, your results will reflect those choices.

That’s one of the great things about CrossFit, or any fitness program. What you put in, is what you’ll get out. Unlike the rest of life, Fitness is Fair. So make sure that you’re putting enough in to your fitness to get the results you’re looking for.