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Everyone has heard the old adages in regards to dealing with pain and discomfort.

I could list each clichéd statement touting the virtues of over coming something

unpleasant be it a work out, shoveling the walk, or finishing some monotonous report,

but to do so would be superfluous. Instead, I am going to use this time to be blunt and

talk about three types of pain that everyone doing Crossfit should know.


The first type of pain…is pain. Pain from an actual injury: pain that is screaming

at you body to, “for the love of all that is good in this world STOP”. This is the sort of

pain you get shooting up your back when your dead lift form starts falling apart, when

you might be loosing a snatch backward of your head, when your shoulder can no longer

support that strict press you are struggling to get past your nose. In all of these cases the

solution is simple; STOP! Drop the weight. It is not worth injuring yourself for single lift.

CrossFit at its core is all about the increase of functional strength and movement over

time and when you force your body to do things it physically cannot and does not want to

do you are flying in the face of the whole concept. Cut it out. Learn some humility, take

off some weight, correct your form, and do it again. This time pain free.


The second type of pain is soreness. Everyone who does any physical activity,

short term or long term deals with soreness. And for everyone, his or her own soreness

manifests itself in a unique way. What is universal however about soreness is that it is an

obstacle, not an excuse. Soreness can be worked around in numerous ways and should

never prevent someone from doing anything. For some people soreness is best alleviated,

or kept at bay, by working out more. I am a member of this camp, without regular

movement my soreness increases. For others more mobility work before and after

workouts helps maintain a manageable level of discomfort. For others still who have

chronic soreness, a high level of maintenance, in addition to structured on and off

workout days puts them in the best position for a soreness free life. If you are feeling

sore, embrace it, address it, and look forward to being sore again.


The third type of pain is mid workout mental anguish. That moment in the middle

of a workout, often involving an obscene amount of burpees, thrusters, wall balls or

running, when life could not get any worse any yet you know that it will. That

wonderfully existential moment of “WHY THE #*@& AM I HERE!!!”. Ahhhh don’t

you love those? No? Well you should. This sort of mental pain should be attacked with

absolute ferocity. You can always do one more. When you hit a wall, don’t lean against

it, grab a sledge hammer, double you efforts and break through it. One of the greatest

areas I’ve grown in since doing CrossFit is in my ability to push through the pain. It’s a

powerful and empowering lesson to learn. Your body is strong and can do the work, it is

the mind that needs to be strengthened and given the courage to keep going. Yes your

forearms may be burning, your chest heaving for air, and your legs want to quit being

attached to you, but your mind will stronger than ever. When your mind says “I can’t”,

scream in it’s face and tell it “You will”.


The Buddha teaches us that all life is suffering. Perhaps a little dramatic, but in

much of life there is pain. It is important to realize which kind of pain you’re dealing

with, in the gym or in the rest of your life, figure out how to best react to the pain in the

moment so that you can be ready to deal with it again in the future.


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