Every four years, the world’s top athletes gather to find out who really is the best on planet Earth. Most of us cannot even begin to imagine the amount of hard work, and dedication these athletes put in to master their craft. And after four years of tireless effort, and tremendous sacrifices, they have, in some cases, one chance to prove that it was a worthwhile pursuit. This is a perfect microcosm of sport. People train so that they can apply the benefits from that work to their sport. If we look at the CrossFit pyramid of fitness, we find Sport is the pinnacle (FYI, nutrition is the base, and thus the most important, fundamental aspect of the pyramid). This doesn’t have to mean sport as in playing competitively or professionally. The idea is that we apply our fitness to activities outside the gym. Running with the dog, hiking, playing with your kids, these are all areas where we can apply and express the benefits we gain through CrossFit, and if you want to come play pick-up football or basketball with our group from the gym on weekends, all the better.

Grass-Fed Beef Delivery
Hedge Apple Farms

Thursday 2/13

Email Scott: sbarao@marylandcattle.org with your order by Wednesday at 12pm.

CFDR Specials:

20# Box of Ground Beef $90

Skirt Steaks and Top Sirloin Steaks, Both at $8.95/lb