As CrossFit continues to evolve as a fitness program, participation in the CrossFit Open continues to grow and grow.  And if you don’t plan on it already, I highly recommend you join the action.

For those of you who don’t know, the CrossFit Open is to a CrossFitter what a 10k race is to a runner.  The CrossFit Open is the opportunity to test your fitness in a fun, pseudo competitive environment.  Completing the CrossFit Open doing every workout “as prescribed” is equivalent to running a 10k without stopping.  Planning to participate in the Open, at worst, gives your training a focus.  At best, it shifts your mindset into a focus and intensity about fitness you never imagined you’d be capable of.

Here’s why I think you should participate in the CrossFit Open:

  • It’s fun!  We turn our Saturday classes into “Open WOD” day.  Last year, 40+ people came out every Saturday during the Open to participate and cheer on the other athletes who signed up.  The atmosphere is electric, the support of the community is outstanding, and the workouts are challenging.  I think those are reasons enough.  I should just stop my list there.  But I won’t.
  • Ever wonder how your fitness stacks up against others in your age range?  Or height? Or weight? Or region? Or state? On and on.  The Open gives you the tools to compare yourself to other CrossFitters and see where you stand.
  • You’ll test your limits more-so than in any class setting.  You’ll have a judge counting your reps, your fellow CrossFitters cheering you on, yelling at you to squeeze out those last couple of reps.  You’ll probably move some weight or go faster than you ever have before.
  • Finally, you’ll have a baseline to compare yourself for next year.  The same tool that let’s you see how you stack up against the community lets you compare yourself to….yourself.  Maybe you finished 598th in the region one year.  Next year, you finish 467th.  Boom! Now you know you’re more fit.  No question.

For more information on the CrossFit Open, and how to sign up, click here.