My apologies for all the clear sky cancellations of class.  We’ve tried following MoCo schools and then the Federal Government, but apparently everything shuts down at the threat of weather.  There is nothing we hate more than our members losing a chance to get in the gym and become more awesome.  So our new, third and final official weather policy will be………………..check the blog.  If you look out the window and it looks really bad (snow or ice) check the blog.  We will make a decision and post to the blog and Facebook (follow us here Rockville and Gaithersburg) by 5am for the morning and 3pm for evening classes.  Also, if the meteorologist is calling for a blizzard or major ice storm………….check the blog.  If you go to the grocery store and it looks like it was looted during a riot because a storm is coming…………..check the blog.   When in doubt…….check the blog.

Where can I find the blog you might be asking?  You’re there.