There are so many benefits of a group class.  The community, the camaraderie, the accountability, the competition, etc.  But, when it comes down to it, there are always going to be limitations to group classes.  For example, if you have a specific issue you want to address the, group classes may or may not cover it.  When we program for classes, we program to address the most common issues we see in all our members.  This is a problem if you have a very specific issue, or want to see progress at a faster rate.

Last week, Linda (one of our coaches), asked me to take a look at a couple videos of her performing the snatch and if I could write up specific programming for her to address any issues I saw in exchange for some homemade goodies.  How could I refuse?

Below are the links to the videos of Linda snatching.  First, as a nice little brain exercise for you, take a look and see what faults (if any) you see.  Then I’ll explain what I see, and I’ll show you the specific program I’ve put together for Linda to address the faults.

Linda Snatch #1

Linda Snatch #2

Alright, what’d you see?

You’ll notice, in both videos, Linda “shortens” her hip extension.  Essentially, she is not completing her jump, which is limiting the power she can generate during the lift.

You should also notice that in both videos Linda doesn’t pull herself under the bar, but passively sinks under the bar.  In her defense, the weight is pretty light for her, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the same issue with heavier weights.

In the second video, Linda breaks at her elbows early, pulling the bar into her hip crease before her jump is complete.  This is a big no-no because she’s stealing power from her legs, which are not being used to their full potential because of the shortened hip extension.

Now, what’s the solution to all of this?  The main focus is to “teach” Linda how to jump.  So I programmed lots of jumping and variations of the snatch that force hip extension.  After a couple weeks of that I programmed in some snatch variations that help with pulling oneself under the bar during the lift.

You can find the exact spreadsheet of Linda’s programming here.

The snatch is a very complicated lift that requires a lot of practice to master, but this same specific, detailed programming and attention can be applied to simpler movements.  Maybe you want to master the pull-up.  Or you have some shoulder pain that requires specific attention.  Or you know your hamstrings are weak and you need targeted work to improve them.  These are all instances where the group classes might not be ideal and you’d want to seek out private coaching.

If you are interested in private coaching, we offer some pretty fantastic discounted rates for current group class members.  With an active membership, our private rates are:

  • 1 Session – $80 ($25 discount)
  • 6 session package – $75/session ($450 total, $120 discount)
  • 12 session package – $70/session ($840 total, $240 discount)

Shoot me an email if you’d like to set up some private training sessions with us!