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If you are looking for an electronic way to track your workouts there are a ton out there. Some sites/apps like Beyond the Whiteboard (BTWB) require you to enter the WOD using their interface. The good part is that the site can provide detailed graphs on your strength progress, PRs on your benchmark WODs and even breakdown time spent doing gymnastics movements vs. strength. The bad news is that it can be time consuming to enter the information into their system.

That is why most of the apps below include a feature that allow you to subscribe to your affiliates RSS feed of their WODs. We recently added a feature to the web site with RSS feeds of just the workouts:

Here are a list of some of the more popular apps for tracking workouts:


Type Name URL Athlete Cost Mobile
Mobile App WOD Box http://www.wodboxapp.com/ $3.99 app Mobile AppAndroid/iPhone
Mobile App WOD Tracker http://my.wodtracker.net $1.99 app Mobile AppAndroid/iPhone
Mobile App myWOD http://dreamworkshopapps.com/mywod/ $1.99 Mobile AppAndroid/iPhone
Mobile App XFit PR https://xfit-pr.com/ $3.39 app Mobile AppAndroid/iPhone
Mobile App Fitocracy https://www.fitocracy.com/ Free Mobile AppAndroid/iPhone
Mobile App WODZilla http://www.wodzillaapp.com/ $1.99 app Mobile AppAndroid/iPhone
Web site Beyond the Whiteboard http://beyondthewhiteboard.com/ $33/year$3/month Mobile Site
Web site WODstack http://wodstack.com/ Free Mobile Site