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Ok, so really though.  Why is this mid-line stability stuff so important?

Well, for the starters there’s the pretty obvious, like:

  • Keeping your spine from snapping in two, and
  • Improving your ability to effectively transfer energy from the ground through your body, a barbell, etc.

But, did you know, poor mid-line positioning is also keeping you from improving your flexibility and is slowly killing your joints?

Let me explain.

If you lack proper range of motion (ROM) in your joints (which let’s be real, a lot of us do), the default tendency is to compensate by putting your mid-line in a crappy position.

I’ll use the pull-up for example.

If I’m missing ROM in my shoulder and can’t completely open my arm and hang, I have to overextend my low back in order to make it appear like I’m opening my shoulder all the way.  But all this really does is put my back in an unsafe, inefficient position, as well as my shoulder!

Now, the trade off for properly stabilizing your mid-line when you lack proper mobility is a decreased ROM for your movement.  Now, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing.  If your mid-line is completely, 100% locked down and you take a movement to the very end of your ROM, you are essentially stretching the muscles involved in the movement.

Think about the squat.  If your hamstring and ankles are incredibly tight, this may limit your ROM to above 90 degrees.  This is OK, because if you go lower than 90 degrees, you would be sacrificing the safe position of your mid-line.  Performing the squat correctly, taking your muscles to their end ROM, strengthens and lengthens all the muscles involved.  Do this over and over and over, and eventually you’ll capture a full ROM with perfect positioning.

Prioritizing your mid-line now will save you a lot of problems down the road.