So, you come into CFDR, workout all the time, and are consistently pushing yourself above and beyond your fitness levels.  What now?

Every year, hundreds of thousands of runners sign-up to compete in 5k’s, half marathons, full marathons, etc.  They want to challenge themselves, test their ability, and track their progress across time.

Competing in CrossFit is no different.  “Fitness” competitions are popping up all over the place and give you a terrific opportunity to test yourself, forcing you to step outside your comfort zone.

SuperFit is one of the better hosts of competition (most of your coaches have competed in a SuperFit competition in the past), and I highly recommend giving a SuperFit competition a try, whether or not you plan on coming in first or just going to have fun in the scaled division (yup, most of the competitions have a scaled division).

Click here to check out the SuperFit schedule for 2014.