To kick off the new year, I want to hold a clinic that will hopefully set the tone for your fitness for the rest of 2014.  Working with CrossFitters, athletes, and just plain ol’ fitness junkies, I see the same movement faults over and over again.  Typically, these faults originate from poor positioning of the mid-line.  What does that mean?  It means that nagging shoulder injury isn’t necessarily only about your shoulder.  And it means the inability to PR on your back squat or deadlift isn’t about your leg strength.

Here’s a brief excerpt from a blog I wrote yesterday about this:

“Lately, I feel like I’ve held the same conversation with dozens of my clients and athletes.  They come to me with an injury or I point out a fault in their technique and we talk about the importance of mid-line positioning, core strength, upper back strength, etc.  But after the initial conversation, I’m left unsatisfied because I know it takes more than 5 minutes of cueing to “get it” and I’m sure they are left unsatisfied without a sufficient plan to attack and address the issue.”

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Strong core + proper positioning = good deadlift.

Strong core + proper positioning = good deadlift.