Yesterday in the CFDR Member Newsletter, I asked you to reflect on your 2013 and look ahead to your 2014.

If you haven’t sat down and thought about this yet, I recommend you doing so.  Reflecting on your past year will drastically improve you awareness and drive you towards success in the future.  Did you accomplish everything you set out to do this year?  Did you fall short in reaching any goals?

Reaching your goals is fantastic, but to be perfectly candid, it is not as important as reflecting on the process.  Were you successful?  Why?  What was your attitude towards your successes versus your attitude towards your failures?  How did you go about approaching goals you ended up failing at versus the goals you successfully reached?

If you haven’t already, take a moment to fill out the brief questionnaire I sent out in the newsletter.  Take your time with it, and be honest with yourself when filling it out.

If you missed it above, CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK.

Here’s to an amazing 2014!