“Do you remember the last time you did a barbell movement with the PVC pipe and found it challenging? Maybe during the Burgener warm-up? Or while practicing the movements of the Bear Complex? Or trying to tackle a warm-up overhead squat? I remember the weekend I did my CrossFit Level 1 certification we worked on the overhead press for what seemed like 2 hours. Only with the PVC, and we were all SWEATING. That night I felt like I had just done Cindy, but what I had really done was practice perfect movement with low weight and high reps. This had been perfect timing, as I was recovering from a shoulder injury and hadn’t pressed in over 3 months. So it was the perfect transition back into barbell movements, and it ensured that I mastered the movement before I added weight. And because we did SO MUCH practice, I had perfected it and was ready for the barbell the next day!…” (continue reading).


You absolutely need to be able to do a movement correctly with a PVC before moving on to heavier weights.