Below is a video I put together for my high school athletes.  Because they play field sports that require lots of lateral movement (aka cutting), they run a much greater risk of tearing their ACL’s than the general population.

That being said, as CrossFitters this information is still extremely important for a few reasons: 1) the way to identify if you are susceptible to tearing your ACL is the same way to identify if you are at a higher risk for injuring your back during heavy squatting, knees or back during box jumps, or Achilles Tendon during running, 2) fixing the problem protects your knees, hips, and back, 3) even if you don’t cut or sprint on a regular basis, if you present with this issue you are still susceptible to tearing your ACL.  I will guarantee 100% that every adult who has torn their ACL doing something other than playing a sport presents with the same identifier.

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