“It is cancer biology’s Most Fundamental question:  What is the origin of cancer?

 The symbols are everywhere.  Pink ribbons, Yellow LIVESTRONG bracelets, billboards advertising Race’s for Cures, T-shirts, and media reports hinting at blockbuster new drugs that are always just around the corner.  All of them, taken together, give the impression we are surely winning the war against cancer.

Hidden from the hope and optimism, the feel-good industry of cancer, is the battlefield – where a simple body count will tell a far different story.  This year almost 600,000 Americans will die from cancer – the equivalent of one world trade center collapsing on society every day.  But beyond the raw numbers are the survival statistics, and they all lead to an uncomfortable conclusion – we are not winning the war against cancer; we are no closer to cures than when Nixon declared the war on cancer in 1971 – in fact, we may be further away”…(continue reading).

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