This year’s Fall nutrition challenge is going to be run a little differently. What we have noticed over the past challenges, is that people tend to eat clean and never cheat during the 30 days of the challenge and then once the challenge is over, they binge on all of their favorite foods. This does not set anyone up for success in terms of changing their lifestyle and making better choices in the long run.

What we also noticed, is that people really like the accountability of a Paleo Challenge. Most people know what to eat, they just have a hard time keeping themselves accountable for eating well. Having to report to someone so you don’t fall off the wagon is the most helpful, so we are setting up a system of accountability.

Starting October 7 and running for 30 days, Rob and Maddie will be holding the Fall Nutrition Challenge as a segue into a Nutrition Accountability Service. Here is how it works:

-We will have a group spreadsheet where each individual in the challenge will post their daily food intake on a DAILY basis. For every day you post, regardless of what you eat, you will earn 1 star.  You will also have opportunities to earn bonus stars if you can string together consecutive days posting to your journal.  4 day streak earns you 1 star.  13 days earns you 2 bonus stars.  25 days earns you 3 bonus stars.  The goal is to accumulate as many stars out of 30 as you can.  And yes, you can earn more than 30.

-There will also be a forum where the group participating in the challenge can discuss recipes, strategies, food, and provide encouragement to each other.

-There will be no rules on what you can and cannot eat. We want to make this a lifestyle change instead of a 30 day project. The stars you earn are for posting and making yourself accountable for the choices you make.  We will provide a “Do Eat” list, sent to everyone on the first day of challenge so you have reference for what to eat.

-The first 30 days are a free trial. After that, it will become a lifelong service that you can subscribe to. You will earn stars every day you log your food and earn bonus stars for consistency.

Once again, we know most people understand how to eat well. The problem is actually following through with it for longer than one month. If you do not know what the healthiest way to eat is, that will be the purpose of our forum. We want to hold discussions there among everyone participating. Hopefully this way, you will personally decide to eat right, post it to the public, and make more of a lifestyle change.

If you want to participate in the challenge, please click the link below and fill out your name and email address below.


Get it!

Workout of the Day

4 Rounds of:
400m Run
Max Rep Dead-hang Pull-ups

Score = max pull-ups
15 Minute Time Cap

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.