“It started innocently enough, with one or two workouts each week. But then it escalated, to the point where you get twitchy if you go a day without touching a barbell, you practice air squats in the corner of your office and — perhaps most disturbingly — you’ve started wearing a neon headband around other people. Yes, you’re addicted to CrossFit and — hey, could you get off the pull-up bar for a sec? We’re trying to have a conversation here. Your friends and family worry that you measure your life in WOD times (that’s the Workout of the Day) and benchmark workouts … and they’re totally right. Click through for 25 signs that you might have a serious (or seriously awesome) CrossFit addiction…”(Click Here To Check Out The Slideshow).


The pain face of a CrossFit addict.

Workout of the Day
Every 3 minutes for 8 rounds:
Sprint 200m
Press 6×2 @ 90% of 1RM

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.