“Most of you are somewhat familiar with recovery methods of professional or full time athletes. Massage therapists. Cold plunges. Well outfitted training rooms. Nutritionists and supplement regimens designed specifically for the individual athlete. In short, unlimited time and money to do everything possible to recover faster, train more, and make faster progress.

But you, you’re working 40 hours a week and overtime when you can get it. Money is short cause the oldest needs braces and the youngest still needs new diapers ever time your turn around. The wife wants a bigger house, but you really NEED that new truck. Whether you want to add 10kg to your clean and jerk, or push your arms from 16 to 17 inches, you need to keep it down and dirty, with minimum investment of time and money”… (continue reading).


Nap time!

Workout of the Day
13 Minutes To Complete:
800m Run
30 Clean and Jerk (135/95)
15 Bar-Facing Burpees
Max Rep Wall Balls (20/14)

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