“Back squat PR. Deadlift PR. Press PR. Feeling really good about my strength work in July. I hit heavy workouts, nailed heavy snatches, pressed my way onto the leader board, but now I’m hurting a bit and forced to rest for four days. I can honestly say the last time I took more than one day off was about a year ago when I was also healing from aches and pains one week before Rob and I crushed Team Superfit DC. The rest ended up being great for me because I felt strong the entire competition…” (continue reading).


Jamila putting on her game face!

Workout of the Day
Power Clean and Jerk
5×2 @80% of 1RM
Complete as high up the ladder as you can in 10 minutes:
1,2,3,4,5… HSPU
10,20,30m… multiples of 10m sprints

*wall walk sub for HSPU