This is an interesting review of a review of the scientific literature.  Guys, before you start worrying, keep in mind it is tough to determine cause and effect from any study besides a randomized, double blind study (which this was not).  This study shows a correlation at best.

“Men who take fish-oil supplements or eat a lot of fatty fish expecting health benefits might actually increase their risk for prostate cancer, including aggressive types that are harder to treat.

That news comes out of a study published online yesterday in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute and follows an analysis last year of 20 fish-oil studies that concluded that supplements offer no clear heart benefits…” (continue reading).


“CFDR is number 1!”

Workout of the Day
Complete 5 rounds for time of:
12 OH Squats (95/65)
12 Push Press (95/65)
*The workout must be completed Tabata style; 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest*

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