You guys may have noticed a new piece of equipment sitting the in the back right corner of the gym.  Or maybe you saw some of us pushing it around looking incredibly exhausted afterwards.  Or maybe you were lucky enough to get a whack at it yourself.  That sled looking thing is called a Prowler, and it might be one of my favorite pieces of equipment (besides a barbell and squat rack).

The Prowler is one of the pieces of equipment that has silly bang-for-your-buck.  Let me highlight some of the benefits of the Prowler:

  • Awesome conditioning tool.  When used properly, this thing has the potential to leave you completely incapacitated.  And I mean that in the best way possible.
  • Improves sprinting technique.  Whether pushing or pulling the Prowler, the technique used very closely mimics proper sprinting mechanics (positive shin angle, forward lean, forward knee drive, flat back, powerful knee and hip extension).  If you want to move big weights on the Prowler, your technique needs to be legit, and that technique directly transfer over to your ability to sprint over short distances.
  • Aids in recovery.  Legs feeling sore?  Load up the Prowler and push it around for a few minutes.  The Prowler has no eccentric contraction, which means you won’t have to worry about any significant breakdown in your muscles and the increased blood flow to your muscles will aid in recovery.
  • Increase in training volume.  Along the same lines as above, the Prowler allows you to increase your training volume without interfering significantly with your ability to recover.  More work = stronger = more awesome.

We’ll definitely start incorporating the Prowler into more warm-ups, but feel free to give it a try before or after class for a little extra conditioning, strength, or recovery work.

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