Please post your name to comments if you are interested and we will schedule a date and time accordingly. The cost is $45 per person.

The BOD POD body composition testing provides you with concrete evidence of your current body composition. Your bathroom scale tells you nothing! The BOD POD’s ability to use “air displacement” and calculate lean muscle mass, fat percentage, and much more allows you to monitor what kind of weight you are losing (fat or muscle). I highly recommend performing a BOD POD analysis annually to track overall body composition.

It is of no benefit to lose muscle, yet your bathroom scale can not tell what kind of weight you are losing. Only that your overall weight is increasing or decreasing. With the BOD POD you can make sure your fitness training program and nutrition are getting the results you want. Being able to accurately monitor your body and reveal patterns is the key to long-term success.

CrossFit DoneRight members have access to the BOD POD as a part of our nutrition program. We need at least 26 participants to schedule a BOD POD visit to the CFDR facility.

There are several benefits to using the Bod Pod when compared to other body testing methods:

  1. You stay dry! You don’t have to hold your breath! Unlike hydrostatic testing, which submerges you in a tank of water, the Bod Pod requires no time consuming preparations or post-test shower to remove dirty water and germs.
  2. The assessment is extremely simple and comfortable. The time you will actually be sitting in the Bod Pod only last about 2 minutes. There are a few minutes in the beginning where we collect some basic info about you and some pre-test calibrations. All-in-all its about a 5 minute process. Quick, painless, all you do is breathe.
  3. The Bod Pod measures everything that’s not you, first. Basically, the Bod Pod gives you a giant “Air Hug.” Using a few finely tuned sensors, the technology measures your body density by reading how the air responds to your fat and non-fat tissue.
  4. It is safe for kids too. It is the only body monitoring technology that is applicable to kids as well as adults.

It’s Number #1

Since the BOD POD technology has emerged, it has become the world’s leading body monitoring system. The NFL combine uses it to test players prior to recruitment. The Mayo Clinic uses it to monitor the health and treatment of patients. NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” uses it to track changes in contestants during the show. It is an excellent tool that some of the health and fitness leaders in the nation are already relying on. And now, YOU have access to the BOD POD.


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Workout of the Day
For time:
800 m Run
20 Cleans (155/105)
400 m Run
15 Jerks (155/105)
200 m Run
10 Clean & Jerks (155/105)