“By now I’m sure most of you are familiar with the saying “Strong is the new skinny.”  It shows up fairly regularly on fitspo images and in fitness circles as a way of promoting a new standard of female beauty, one that is focused on strength and physical power instead of weight loss and restriction.  The words are often accompanied by photos of women showing off glistening muscles while they pose with weights or perform feats of bodyweight strength.  If you have spent any time at all in the fit-o-sphere, you’ve seen what I’m talking about”…(continue reading).

The author of this article makes a very good point.  While the “strong is the new skinny” movement has done a lot to change how women view their health and fitness, the way it is being promoted in some cases doesn’t vary much from how Victoria Secret models or Sports Illustrated swim suit models are portrayed.

Being a male, I’m not terribly comfortable commenting on this issue.  Also, speaking in general, the whole situation is very relative.  There’s always someone stronger looking or skinnier.  For a lot of people, your view of yourself is going to change depending on who you happen to be standing next to at the time.  And, even if we somehow were able to change the social standard from aesthetics to performance (never going to happen), there’s always going to be someone stronger or faster or who can jump higher than you.  It’s human nature to be competitive with those around you.

So, unfortunately, there is no perfect solution to this issue.  In terms of your fitness, my suggestion is to set clear, obtainable, measurable goals and be happy with the process of working towards them.  Your aesthetics will come naturally if you set and hit the right goals.  And if people don’t like how you look, f**** um.  You’re probably hanging out with the wrong people.


Nice little post-wod stretch and chat.

Workout of the Day
4 rounds for time of:
5 Deadlifts (275/185)
10 Box Jumps (30″/24″)
400m Run

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