The post below shows how easy it is to get a little creative with your workout in the hotel room.  There’s always something you can do, so not having a gym or traditional equipment is no excuse!

“This past week during my road trip, I spent a night at a hotel in Richmond, VA.

I hadn’t exercised out in a few days, and had no desire to go find out if they had a gym on site…so I made up my own workout while IN the hotel room, using nothing but myself and the room’s furniture.  In just 20 minutes I had warmed up, exercised my entire body, and stretched out afterward.

Now, although I did this in a hotel room, it doesn’t mean it won’t work in lots of other places, like your own bedroom for example – I just know it works in a hotel because I did it a few days ago”…(continue reading).


Want a good workout for the road? Try 100 burpees for time.

Workout of the Day
10 Rounds;

100m Sprint

15 Wall Balls


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