Today is May’s Benchmark WOD Day you crazy CFDR’ers!  (Click on the hyperlinked text to learn more about Benchmark WOD Day’s).

“Grace” is the task at hand today.  Here are some tips to get through “Grace” as fast as possible:

  • Break it up into smaller sets.  Unless you plan on going through unbroken, taking yourself to failure, or close to failure, is a recipe for disaster and a lot more resting than necessary.  Don’t be a hero.  Break the reps up, keep the rest to a minimum, and you should find yourself in PR city.
  • Drop the bar from the top.  You may not realize it, but bringing the bar down after the jerk (AKA the  negative) is zapping you of a lot of energy.  Dump the bar after the jerk and get right back on the bar.
  • Get under the bar!  Dropping under the bar in the clean and jerk will allow your muscles to relax for a split second, saving you energy throughout the entire workout.  More importantly, in order for a muscle to contract to peak force it HAS to be allowed to relax.  Drop under the bar in the power clean and you’ll be able to apply more force to the jerk.

Check out the video below.  Notice a couple of things: 1) Their technique remains the same throughout the entire workout.  Just because you’re going for time doesn’t mean the movement should go to hell.  2) They drop every single one from the top.  3)  While their times are not great for elite CrossFitters, they are great times for the first time doing the workout and being Olympic Lifters (they rarely do anything over 5 seconds long in training!).

[media width=”800″ height=”600″ link=””]

Workout of the Day
30 reps for time:
Clean and Jerk (135 lbs)

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