We’ve all heard the saying, “practice makes perfect”.  But let’s be real, we all know it should really be “perfect practice makes perfect”. If you’re trying to improve a skill, practice with no technical awareness is incredibly counter productive to your goal.  Here’s some tips to ensure your practice is quality practice.

  • Slow down!  In the case of developing a skill, showing up is not enough.  If you rush through learning a skill you’ll miss any benefit that could be gained.
  • Break the skill up into smaller parts to focus on.  For example, when working the clean focus first on jumping and landing until you have it perfect.  Then focus on scare-crowing the bar and catching in the rack position until that’s perfect.  Then put them together.
  • Remember “core-to-extremity”.  All functional/athletic movements require you to stabilize your midline first.  If you need a place to start with your skill, start by focusing on your ribcage and low back positioning.  They should never move when performing a movement.  Ever.  Go try a push-up or pull-up without your ribcage opening up.  Hard right?  Now go practice a push-up and pull-up without your ribcage opening up.

The press isn’t only about getting the weight from your shoulder overhead. Khalid’s ribcage is way open which means his low back is overextended. Focus on the little things like mid-line position and you’ll see improvement in your fitness across the board.

Workout of the Day
Every 3 minutes for 6 rounds complete:
200 m Sprint