Let’s face it, the one thing the majority of us really suck at is mobility.  Think that last statement doesn’t apply to you?  Can you lift your arms straight overhead (with locked elbows) without over extending (arching) your back?  Can you drop into an ass-to-ankles squat without rounding your low back?  If you can, this post may not apply to you.  For the rest of you with Tin Man like flexibility, I recommend you start treating your mobility like a second WOD for the day.  Pick two or three different mobilities (use the posters in the lounge) grab a stop watch and hit it.

Here’s an example of a nice mobility WOD you can do:

3 rounds for time of:

1 minute Banded Squat Hold

1 minute Lacrosse Ball in Pec (right side)

1 minute Lacrosse Ball in Pec (left side)

The goal for this WOD would be to get through all three Mobilities unbroken, making it a 9 minute workout.  If you need to break it up, the goal is to accumulate 1 minute in each mobility per round as quickly as possible.

Get creative with this!  For most of us, working on mobility is not fun so any way to spice it up is a good thing.


Brie hitting a hamstring Mob. Straighten that right leg!

Workout of the Day
For time:
400m run
21-15-9 of:
OH Squat (95/65)
400m Run

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