After another successful CrossFit Open season, your coaches got together an decided we wanted to find a way to replicate the energy and excitement of the Saturday morning classes.  The solution??  Let’s get serious about our Benchmark WOD’s.  Twice a month we will do a Benchmark and turn the class into a competition like atmosphere.

In order to recreate the enthusiastic environment we experienced during the Open, we will be running workouts in heats, allowing your workout to be judged so you can be held to the same standards as we saw in the Open.  Having a judges eye on you will make sure that you meet the standards set for you.  This will make the workout more beneficial to you and allow you to have a more accurate idea of where stand relative to your past and future performance.  Now when we repeat the workouts you’ll be held to the same standards which will allow consistent and accurate idea of your progress.

The first Benchmark will be “Angie”, set to occur on Wednesday, 4/17.  Come excited and ready to work!


Better get used to full ROM on all your movements during the class, come Benchmark Day you’ll be no-repped if you don’t meet the standards!

Workout of the Day
10 minute AMRAP of:
2 Muscle-ups
4 Deadlifts (315/225)