There is little difference between the proper rack positioning for the clean, jerk, and push press.  They’re all racked in a remarkably similar way, with the main difference being the positioning of the elbows. If you want to push press or jerk heavier weights or for more reps, you need to learn to rest the bar on your body. Some of you doing 13.2 Open WOD where holding that heavy bar in front of you, and getting tired really quickly.

Here are a few key points:

  • The bar should TOUCH your body, you should not be holding the bar in front of your body
  • The bar should rest on your deltoids (front of your shoulders)
  • If you can grip the bar with your whole hand for the push press/jerk, do it!
  • Get used to the bar touching your throat.
  • Elbows in FRONT of the bar.
  • Hollow body (we are doing push presses, not bench presses so don’t bend back)

You may have mobility issues preventing you from successfully getting in the proper position. Check out this mobilitywod for some good tips.

Workout of the Day

12 minute AMRAP of:

3 Power Snatch (115/75)

6 Box Jumps (30″/24″)

100 m Run


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