The CrossFit Games web site ( has tons of information and videos, and of course, the leaderboard, to keep you occupied for hours. So even if you aren’t competing, you can still enjoy the Open by checking out the site. Warning – If you have a tendency for procrastinating or obsessing about rankings and statistics, beware your productivity may decrease dramatically. Who has time for work or training when there’s so much information to process?

Two regular features of the Games web site are the announcement of the next Open WOD and the weekly Update Show. The Open WOD is announced 8pm Eastern time on Wednesdays. Once announced you get to see two elite level CrossFitters go head to head in the workout.  The Update Show is posted to the Web site sometime Tuesday evening. This 30 minute show analyzes the past week and runs down the top finishers (males, females, teams, and masters) from the previous week.  Additionally, there are hundreds of athletes’ profiles (video and articles), with new ones posted daily. In addition to stories on the top competitors, the site contains inspirational stories of everyday folks too.

Now on to leaderboarding. This obsessive behavior of watching the scores roll in from the Open Game WODs is very common. So if you find yourself doing this, you are not alone. Not only are you checking your ranking every few hour, or maybe several times an hour, but you play all sorts of “What if” games.  What if I got that heavier snatch? What if I did one more burpee? Keep all this in mind for setting goals for next year. For sanity, remember once you enter your score, your ranking can only go down. So if you want to share a snapshot of your ranking on the leaderboard, do it early. Don’t be surprised if your Saturday morning score slips three times further down by late Sunday.

Remember to check out how our CrossFit DoneRight team is doing too. Type in CrossFit DoneRight in the search box and the team’s rankings will pop up, along with all the team members. We have some great athletes in our box and it’s fun to see how high up they can make it in the rankings.

Enjoy! But don’t get so wrapped up that you miss a workout or get late to the office.

Link to Google Spreadsheet!


“All day baby, all day!”

Workout of the Day

7 rounds for time of:

9 Burpees

6 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)

3 Muscle-Ups

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