The CrossFit Games Open is a very exciting time. It is a great way to push yourself harder than you ever have before and feel like part of the larger CrossFit community of 130,000 of your closest friends. The whole experience can also be maddening if you do not define your goal upfront. I hope this post will help you think about what you are trying to achieve and help you understand the numbers.

All of us should push ourselves hard while understanding our strength and technique limitations. I can say that last year’s snatch workout caused more injuries and some people took all year to recover. I want you to go hard, but train smartly, so you can continue to train all year and get better.

My goal is always to get better than last year. The open is a way for me to evaluate that, but honestly if one of my major weaknesses comes up (e.g. Ring Dips) there is nothing I can do about it. Each year I have looked as a percentage how I have done compared to the Region and the World. In 2011 I was in the top 40%, 2012 I was in the top 25% and this year I hope to do better than that. If I just look at the numbers I would make myself crazy. For example, there is very little difference percentage wise between someone who does 151 reps and 158 reps for WOD 13.1. However it may look bigger than it is because they are thousands of places different. So is it worth doing the WOD twice to get one more rep? Unless you are trying to get our team or yourself to Regionals, my answer would be no. No one should do Isabel twice in one week, or for that matter six times, by accumulating 180 snatches. It is a great way to hurt yourself.

So think about your goal. Is it to get fitter? have fun? challenge yourself? do better than last year?


get one more rep?

You decide!

Workout of the Day

Push Press




100m x 10


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