I know some of you are geeky like me and are interested in the data that the Open can provide. Here are a few statistics for my fellow geeks. Please note that these numbers were derived from the Open web site and some hand counting, so they may be slightly off due to human error. All the Regional numbers are for the Mid Atlantic region.

How much as the Open grown since 2012?

On average, the participation in the open has increased over 200% per year since 2011. Data is below based on the Roster, not those who participated. Also 2011 is based on my notes, and no actual data.


What percentage of people actually did the first workout?

About 88% of people who registered submitted WOD 13.1. These numbers were incredibly consistent across both men and women and in every age division both regionally and internationally.

Which Region is the most competitive?

You can access a complete map of the regions here. This is a tricky question, depending on how you look at it. In terms of sheer numbers the South East region has the highest number of teams meaning that 238 teams of the South East will NOT make Regionals, and only the top ~10% will make it.

open 02

In terms of Reps, North East required the highest team total in order to qualify for the top 30 teams. This is only the first of several workouts.

Open 01

What is the age breakdown for participation?

The numbers below are NOT based on the Roster, but based on the number of people who submitted a score for WOD 13.1. If you are going to compare your current ranking, I suggest you use the numbers below.

age group numbers

How much harder was the combination of burpees and snatches than WODs last year?

In theory if you take your 12.1 score of 7 minutes of burpees, plus your 12.2 score of snatches, added them together you should get this year’s score, right? We all know that there is an impact of mixing these two movements together and working intensely for 17 minutes changes the dynamic entirely. Most of the athletes for example (top 15 from Mid Atlantic Women from last year) did slightly more or slightly less snatches than last year as you can see by the numbers below. However when you think about it, most of them did 90 to 100 burpees. For these elite athletes, they all scored very high on the burpee WOD. They did an average of 26 less burpees and only a few more snatches.  It goes to demonstrate the impact of the burpees on this workout.

burpee analysis

Did our team do better at snatches this year?

Last year our team really struggled with 12.2. We ranked 79/141 teams in the region (56%). However we did really well on the burpee workout.

As a team we ranked 71 out of 233 teams (30%), so I would take that as an improvement. Everyone’s snatches looked MUCH better in terms of form this year and people in general seemed more confident. Almost everyone who did the Open last year, did more snatches this year.

I would claim it as a victory! Keep snatching gang!

Workout of the Day

20 Minute AMRAP:

25 Push-Ups

15 OH Lunges (45# Plate)

1 Rope Climb


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