Form follows function ladies and gentlemen.

“Experts say the Olympic lifts are awesome. Most trainees would certainly agree, thanks in part to the scores of articles written about the effectiveness of Olympic lifts at increasing explosiveness. However, not many lifters are using them for the primary purpose of improving their physiques. This is a mistake, and as you’ll see, costing them some serious growth potential.

Here are nine reasons why even the most pecs and abs-focused lifter should incorporate the Olympic lifts…” (continue reading).


You think holding heavy weight overhead isn’t going to hit those abs? Think again!

Workout of the Day

8 minutes to complete:

800 m run

5 RM Back Squat

1 minute rest

6 minutes to complete:

400 m run

3RM Back Squat

1 minute rest

4 minutes to complete:

200 m run

1RM Back Squat

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