So you squat every day and feel no pain but you could be setting yourself up for injury with poor form. Coach Rob used a great way to explain this concept to me. If you do a movement and feel a rip, tear or pull that is an acute injury and the impact is immediate. However most of us are like a credit card. If you were to bend that credit card in half over and over it wouldn’t immediately break, but ultimately it will snap.

This phenomenon happens to the best of us, and sometimes we have to go back to basics to learn the RIGHT way to do things. Last week, Matt Chan, the 2nd fittest man in the world in 2013 posted a blog about his torn meniscus. You can see by the image to the right how he is shooting his knees way beyond his toes. He is now suffering from a Bilaterally Torn Meniscus. He discusses in his blog how he is learning to squat all over again.

I have had similar problems with extremely tight calf muscles and last year I tore my calf. I was also sick of seeing pictures of me like the ones below. What I discovered is that by pitching my chest forward I was squatting with all the weight on my toes. That put a lot of pressure on my calf muscles. So by fixing my squat I fixed my calf muscles.

So my advice to you, is make sure your CrossFit is Done Right!

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Workout of the Day

For time:

50 Wall Balls (20/14)

40 Pull-ups

30 Deadlifts (225/155)


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