For the past 6 years CrossFit has been a huge part of my life. From the early days of cringe-worthy  form in a dirty single garage, to owning a great affiliate with an amazing group of athletes, it has been my passion.  My only regret: not finding CrossFit sooner. Not just a year or two sooner, but when I was a kid!  Consider the gains, both mentally & physically, that you’ve made in the last year. Now imagine 10+ years of growing up with CrossFit in your life. What kind of beast would that create? This kind probably.  It’s a surprise then that only 12% of affiliates runs a CrossFit Kids program.  For those affiliates that don’t yet run a CrossFit Kids program I hope this list serves to encourages you to accept the challenge. For those already running a kids program, this list should remind you why what you are doing is so important…(continue reading).


Excellent front rack position Elise!

Workout of the Day


150 Wall Balls for time.

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